The honey price in South Africa ranges a lot. You can pay from around R75 for a 500g irradiated honey to R105 per 340g jar pure raw honey. In this post we explain the different honey prices that you can find in South Africa and where to find the best honey for the best prices.

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At Woolworths the price for a 355g raw honey is R110. However, they do not really specify if the honey has been irradiated or not. Furthermore, if you want to buy really cheap honey, you can expect to pay around R50 for a 500g squeeze bottle. However, you might not be happy with the quality of the honey.

Wholesale price of honey in South Africa

The wholesale price of honey is around R125 per kg. This is only if you buy 25kg or more. However, if you buy the 3kg bulk raw honey from Melnovus, the price is R143 per kg. This is a great affordable size for most people.

There are other suppliers in South Africa that will have different prices than Melnovus. Take Highveld Honey for example. They sell their wholesale price honey for around R115 per kg for a 36.5kg bucket. However, this honey has been mixed with imported honey that has to be irradiated.

Honey price per kg in South Africa

Honey prices per kg vary widely depending on whether you buy in bulk or in smaller quantities.

When you buy in bulk, prices may vary from around R110 to R125 per kg. This depends on the quality and purity of the honey that you buy.

However, if you buy small quantities, like the 340g Multiflora Raw Honey, the price is almost R315 per kg.

Therefore, if you would like to buy raw honey, rather buy in bigger quantities, such as a 1kg.

Raw Honey price South Africa

The average raw honey price in South Africa is around R105 for a 340g jar. This is because it is raw and pure.

Raw honey is much more expensive when compared to adulterated honey. This is because raw honey is healthy and there is a lot of demand. However, adulterated honey might be imported or mixed with sugars, which makes it much cheaper.

The best bang for your buck

We recommend buying top quality raw honey from the Melnovus Shop. You can rest assured that the honey is raw, pure and unadulterated. Furthermore, the prices are good and the service is excellent.

People also ask

What is the price of honey per kg?

The price of honey per kg ranges from around R330 to around R120 if you buy in bulk. Generally, the more expensive the honey per kg, the better quality it is. This is much more expensive than sugar per kg at around R19. However, raw honey has a lot of health benefits.

How much is honey in South Africa?

Honey in South Africa ranges from around R50 for a cheap 500g to around R105 per 340g pure raw honey. Generally, the cheaper the honey, the lower the quality.

How much is a kg of honey in South Africa?

A price of 1kg raw honey in South Africa is around R180 per jar. However, there are also much more affordable honeys out there. Just be careful of buying cheap honey since it might be mixed with sugar.

What is the price for raw honey

Raw honey is a bit more expensive than irradiated honey. You can expect to pay around R105 per 340g pure raw honey.

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