There are a lot of different types of honey products that can be found in South Africa. In this blog we will discuss a few of them. Check out our 1kg honey in our Melnovus shop if you are interested. It is our best-selling product and very popular among our customers. Let’s look at some honey products.


There are a lot of different kinds of honeys out there. You can get irradiated honey, non-irradiated honey, pure honey, raw honey, local honey , etc. There are also different honey flavours like bluegum honey, orange blossom honey, macadamia honey, sub-tropical honey, multiflora honey, safari honey, etc.

As you can see, there are a lot of different types of honeys out there in the market. Make sure to taste a few different types of honeys to find which you like more.

Honey product

Honey product types are commonplace in the market. You can find bee products like beeswax, pollen, salves, lip balms and more made from bee products. Other honey product types include honeycomb and honey with comb.

Price of honey

The price of honey differs all over the world. Manuka honey from New Zealand is some of the most expensive honey in the world. If we look at some of the imported honey in South Africa, the price can be as low as R40 per kg. Of course these honey products are irradiated. When you buy honey in South Africa, rather buy from your local beekeeper so that you can be sure it is raw. The smaller the beekeeper, the higher the quality of the honey products in most cases.

Honey prices South Africa

The honey prices South Africa differ a lot depending on quality, packaging, brand and whether it is raw or not. Irradiated honey tends to be cheaper, however it is not raw honey. Small scale beekeepers tend to ask a higher price for their raw honey. You can be sure that buying from a small beekeeper in your area is a smart choice.

South African honey

South African honey is one of the best honey products in the world. Locally produced raw honey has a great taste, it is good for the environment and helps to create jobs for our local people. If you can, try to buy raw honey from your local beekeeper. If you buy honey in the shops, make sure it is non-irradiated to make sure that it is produced locally.

Honey companies

There are really a lot of honey companies in South Africa. There is a high demand for raw honey in South Africa. And given the fact that imported honey needs to be irradiated. Therefore, many local South Africans have taken up beekeeping and are producing raw honey locally. So this means that registrations of honey companies have really increased in South Africa over the past few years.

Natural honey

There is no official definition of Natural Honey. However, we can assume that it means that no other products have been added to it. In other words the only ingredient in the natural honey would be honey, like the bees produce it in the wild.

Cape honey factory

The cape honey factory is a local beekeeping business in Cape Town. They produce raw honey locally and they also produce some other honey products.

Raw honey Cape Town

There are a lot of raw honey companies in Cape Town from whom you can buy raw honey. However, if you would like to buy really pure raw honey, visit the Melnovus Shop.

Where to buy beeswax in Gauteng

You can buy beeswax in Gauteng right here from our online shop, just go to beeswax. We have shipping of beeswax right over Gauteng.

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