The purpose of this article is to merely assemble a list of honey brands in South Africa that sell irradiated honey or imported honey (which is required to be irradiated). We do not imply that any of these sellers form part of a list of fake honey brands in South Africa. In no way do we imply that any of these brands are guilty of fake honey, honey laundering, mixing honey with sugar or syrup.

The list purpose is to help people find raw honey, without the risk of buying irradiated honey.

Here’s a summarized list:

Below we will give a short description of each of these South African honey brands. Most of this information is contained on their own websites. It is for informational purposes only.

Brother Bees

A blend of African, South African and Chinese Honey.

Brother bees is a honey seller in Killarney Gardens, Cape Town. As all imported honey is irradiated, their honey is most definitely also irradiated. Additionally, the quality of Chinese honey is very debatable.

All of their honey is also heated and strained.


Goldcrest Irradiated Honey Brand.

Sourced from suppliers in Africa and Asia. They also state on their website that it is imported. Therefore, it also has to be irradiated.

Little Bee

A blend of South African and imported (irradiated) honey. Little Bee is a brand of Highveld Honey farms in Benoni. However, little bee honey is irradiated.

A picture of little bee irradiated honey 375g

Nature’s Choice

Nature’s choice is a wholefood business in Randvaal, South Africa.

According to the packaging label on Cosmetic Connection, the nature’s choice honey has been irradiated.

Natures Choice irradiated honey

The Kitchen

The kitchen irradiated honey seems to only be available at Checkers and other major retailers. It clearly states on the label that it has been irradiated.

The kitchen irradiated honey in a 375g squeeze bottle.


Fleures Honey is a honey importer in Potchefstroom. They get their honey all around Africa. This means that it needs to be imported. Therefore, it has been irradiated.

Fleures irradiated honey squeeze bottle.

Lifestyle Food

Lifestyle food honey is available at dischem. On the label it clearly states that it has been irradiated.

lifestyle foods irradiated honey in a squeeze jar.

Api Health Manuka Honey

Api Health is a honey product manufacturer in New Zealand. Since the honey needs to be imported, it also needs to be irradiated. It also has the UMF rating associated with Manuka honey.

Api Health manuka honey that has been irradiated for sale in South Africa.

Truefood Manuka Honey

Truefood manuka honey is for sale at Faithful to Nature and Wellness Warehouse in South Africa. Naturally, since it is imported it is also irradiated.

truefood irradiated manuka honey

Tahi Manuka Honey

Tahi Manuka honey is an internationally recognized honey brand. They are situated in New Zealand and is imported into South Africa. Therefore, it is also irradiated.

Disclaimer: This is not a list of fake honey brands South Africa.

People also ask:

How can you tell fake honey?

You can test if honey is fake by putting it in water. If the honey dissolves then it is fake. However, if it sinks to the bottom of the glass in a honey hive texture then it is raw. There are 10 tests you can perform at home to see if honey is fake or not.

Is Little Bee honey pure?

Little Bee honey is pure according to their website. However, it has been mixed with imported honey. Therefore, it has been irradiated.

Is Goldcrest honey real honey?

Goldcrest honey has been irradiated. Which means that most of the benefits of honey has been reversed.

Is Peel’s honey pure?

Peel’s honey is pure according to their website. Pure honey merely means that it contains no sugar or other additives apart from honey.

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