Diabetic equipment with a forest background to show if raw honey is good and safe for diabetics

Many people replace sugar in their tea or coffee with raw honey to live healthier. But is raw honey good and safe to eat for people with diabetics?

In short, yes, but only under controlled conditions.

People like this have to manage their sugar and carbohydrate intake. However, it does not mean that they have to stay away from sugar all together.

Therefore, diabetics may eat raw honey. However, only in moderation (just like most people anyway).

Raw honey in moderation is safe. Furthermore, raw honey has anti-inflammatory properties that might help fight against diabetics.

What type of honey is good?

Raw Honeycomb closeup to show that raw honey is good and safe for diabetics

There is a big difference between raw honey and adulterated honey. Adulterated honey has been processed and most of the good stuff has been killed.

However, raw honey still contains all the good and healthy stuff that you always hear about.

Raw honey can be used as a healthy substitute for other types of sugar. However, raw honey should also be used in moderation.

Where should you buy raw honey?

Diabetics should be more careful than most people about where they buy ‘raw’ honey.

Most retail outlets in South Africa sell processed and adulterated honey. Therefore, it is mostly not safe for diabetics to buy from them.

Diabetics should buy raw honey from their local beekeeper, like melnovus. Melnovus’ raw honey is good and safe for diabetics.

raw honeycomb dipped into raw honey to show diabetics what raw honey looks like.

What makes raw honey different from other sugars?

Raw honey has 64 calories per teaspoon. However, sugar contains 80 calories per teaspoon. Therefore raw honey contains much less energy than sugar.

Furthermore, a teaspoon of raw honey contains the following nutrients:

If you would like to purchase local raw honey, visit the melnovus shop.

However, sugar contains almost no other nutrients.

Therefore, raw honey is much better for you than sugar.

There are an endless advantages of raw honey, and we wrote a blog about it.

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