Raw Honey may be contaminated by the soil and cause botulism in babies. However, introducing your baby to Raw Honey from their first birthday may be safe. Therefore, raw honey is safe for a 2-year-old.

It is important to slowly introduce your 1-year-old to honey, such as adding honey to toast on one day and adding it to his/her tea 5 days later. This way you can slowly make your infant’s digestive system used to processing honey.

Read on to learn more about making your baby used to raw honey. This includes the risks, benefits and how to do it.

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The biggest risk of feeding your child under 2 years old Raw Honey is infant botulism. Children under the age of 6 months have the highest risk. However, botulism is quite rare. Therefore, raw honey is safe for a 2-year-old.

Babies can get botulism by consuming Clostridium botulinum spores found in honey, soil and honey products. These spores are transformed into bacteria in the bowels and produce harmful neurotoxins in the baby’s body.

Botulism is a serious condition. 70% of babies who are diagnosed with botulism may require mechanical ventilation for around 23 days. The average hospital stay for botulism is 44 days. However, most babies recover with treatment. Furthermore, the fatality rate is less than 2%.

Benefits of raw honey for 2 years olds (includes being safe)

Everyone knows that there are many nutritional benefits in Raw Honey. Your baby can enjoy many of these benefits above 12 months in age.

Honey contains trace amounts of enzymes, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants. You can read the full guide to raw honey benefits here.

How to introduce honey to your child

You do not need to be in a hurry to introduce your baby to raw honey. And it can be as simple as adding a little bit of raw honey to their favourite foods.

The simplest method is to introduce honey to your baby (older than one year). Then wait for 5 days to see if your baby has a reaction. If they have a reaction, contact your doctor immediately.

However, if your baby did not have a negative reaction to the raw honey after 5 days, you may continue to feed your baby raw honey.


Raw honey is safe for a 2-year-old. However, raw honey is not safe for babies under the age of 1.

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