Using raw honey and cinnamon for better sleep, is it a myth?

Cinnamon and raw honey for better sleep.

Raw honey for better sleep

Sleep gives our bodies a great rest during the night. However, our brains use a lot of energy. Most of this energy is retrieved from sugar in our liver.

Raw Honey is one of the healthiest sources of sugar. Eating raw honey just before going to bed may give your brain the energy it needs to process thoughts.

Therefore, eating raw honey before going to bed may increase sleep quality.

But, what about cinnamon?

Cinnamon helps to prepare your body for a good night of sleep. Since cinnamon regulates your blood sugar levels. Therefore, cinnamon helps you to not wake up suddenly during the night because of fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.

Cinnamon also increases blood circulation through the body. This is essential for your body to recover from a long day. Therefore, cinnamon helps your body to rest.

Dog in a blanket on a bed looking grumpy because he did not drink raw honey with cinnamon for better sleep

Cinnamon has been proven to increase sleep quality.

Does raw honey and cinnamon together work even better?

Raw honey helps give your brain the necessary energy it needs to process information during the night.

Cinnamon helps your body to rest and not wake up during the night.

Therefore, using honey and cinnamon together before going to bed may have even greater results.

So what is the best way to drink raw honey and cinnamon together?

The raw honey, cinnamon and warm milk drink!

Raw honey with cinnamon and milk in a steaming cup

This is a great way to consume raw honey and cinnamon for better sleep. Since it is delicious and healthy.

To make your warm milk drink, simply warm milk in the microwave until it almost boils. Add your cinnamon stick and let it pull for around 10 minutes.

Add a teaspoon or two raw honey and stir until the raw honey has dissolved.

Enjoy within 30 minutes of going to bed.

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Have you tried to drink raw honey and cinnamon milk before bed? How did it affect your sleep quality?

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