Can you find Simply Bee in Dischem? First, let’s have a look at who the 2 brands are.

Simply bee is a natural beeswax product manufacturer and shop in Hopefield. This town is 140km North of Cape Town in the center of the fynbos area.

They manufacture a lot of beeswax products. These include hand and body products, baby products, facial skin care, ointments and balms and many many more. Additionally, they also sell raw honey.

Dischem is a national pharmacy in South Africa. Dischem is well known in the country and has over 100 stores.

However, as far as we can tell online, Dischem does not sell Simply Bee products.

People also ask

Is simply bee honey certified as badger friendly?

Yes, Simply Bee honey is certified as badger friendly by the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT). As seen in the above picture, the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s label is on the Simply bee honey jars.

Simply bee 500g pure honey

Furthermore, the EWT certifies badger friendly honey under the badger friendly labelling project.

Where can I purchase Simply Bee honey products?

They have a lot of stockists all over South Africa where you can find all of their products. The list of stockist can be viewed on their website.

One of their top stockists, Wellness Warehouse, has stores all over the country.

Additionally, you can find their products online on their own website or on Faithful to Nature.

How is Simply Bee honey packaged?

They only sell their honey in small quantities on their online shop and in stores nationwide. However, if you can also find bulk raw honey.

It is packed in 500g honeybear squeeze bottles, 500g glass jars, normal squeeze plastic and in smaller 375g honey jars. Therefore, you have a choice of which containers you would like to buy honey in.

How much does Simply Bee honey cost?

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