Garlic Fermented honey to show an example of what irradiated honey is

Irradiated honey is honey that has been exposed to radiant energy. Usually to gamma rays. This kills bacteria, insects and other food pathogens in the honey. This also explains what is irradiation of honey.

Irradiated honey is not as healthy as pure, raw honey. However, all imported honey needs to be irradiated before it can be imported into South Africa. Therefore, it is better to eat raw, local honey compared to imported honey. 

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People also ask

Is it safe to eat irradiated honey?

Irradiated honey is safe to eat. This is because all the bacteria, insects and other food-borne pathogens has been killed. However, honey irradiation also kills all the good nutrients and anti-oxidants in honey. Therefore, rather eat pure honey from your local beekeeper than to eat imported or irradiated honey.

Should honey be irradiated?

The South African law requires that all imported honey be irradiated before it is imported into our country. However, local honey does not have to be irradiated and is healthier to eat. 

The imported honey needs to be irradiated to prevent potentially harmful-for-bees pathogens to be brought into the country. Therefore, the rules are there to protect our local bees from picking up a disease.

What is the healthiest honey?

Raw, unheated, unadulterated, non-irradiated honey from your nearest and trusted beekeeper is the healthiest honey that you can eat. 

However, it is important to note, kids under the age of 1 year should not eat raw honey. It can be potentially harmful to them. 

A picture of non-irradiated raw honey with a honey spoon lifting it up.

What do you think is the best type of honey to eat and where can you find it?

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